We help Startups with strategic insights and actionable inputs that aids in long term decision-making process in an ever-changing environment. As part of our Start-up Consulting practice we help Start-up with CFO-Advisory services including conducting feasibility studies, creating start-up financial models and projections, researching competitive intelligence, advising on business model, preparing investment memorandum, business plans and pitch decks.

Our client base comprises of Startups across various sectors and regions.

  • a. Feasibility Study: We help our clients with an evaluation and analysis of a proposed company, product, service or project based on extensive investigation and research which supports the decision-making process.

Client: India based Elevator Spares Manufacturer

Case Study: Conducting feasibility study for establishing a manufacturing line for vertical transportation (Elevators and Escalators) in India
Output Delivered: Presented an extensive report which included details on the regional market size, industry segmentation, drivers and trends. The report analyzed the competitive scenario and highlighted the financials and market share of other private companies in the sector, presented their profile, besides highlighting the SWOT analysis of the company. The report also elaborated the safety concerns and regulation requirements in the sector and contained the marketing plan as well as research on the marketing channels used by competitors. The report was backed with a detailed and extensive financial model to verify the financial feasibility of the project.

    • b. Business Plan: We help our clients who are looking to raise funds through banks, Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists with detailed, professional and investor-ready business plans. The business plans contains the following sections: Executive Summary, Business Overview, Products and Service overview, Industry problem and solution offered, Management profile, Market and Industry analysis, Competitive analysis, Marketing Plan, Operation Plan, Personnel plan, and Financial Plan.

Over the past year, we have worked on 50+ Business Plans for Startups from over 20 countries, with most of them successfully raising capital.

Client: Startup in the Digital Marketing vertical in Caribbean

Case Study: Prepared Business Plan for funding
Output Delivered: Created a Business plan with the following sections: Executive Summary, Business Overview, Products and Service overview, Market and Industry analysis, Competitive analysis along with marketing, operating and personnel planning. We also prepared a financial model for the start-up, which was reflected in the financial analysis section of the business plan

    • c. Investor Pitch-deck: Investor Pitch-deck serves the purpose of pitching the start-up for fund raising to the Angel Investor/Venture Capitalist, who generally doesn’t have time to go through a detailed business plan initially, understandable, given the number of proposals they receive. We help start-ups in creating professional and well-designed pitch-deck highlighting key points for Venture Capital and Angel Investor meeting.

Our pitch-decks provides a complete overview of the startup, the problem that the startup is addressing, the solution being offered, the team, target market, competition and major milestones, besides highlighting the financial projections, profitability and funds needed.

Client: Fashion retail boutique in Middle East

Case Study: Prepared Pitch-deck for funding
Output Delivered: Created a customized Pitch-deck highlighting the business, the products, the business model, the team, target market, competition and major milestones. The pitch deck also detailed the financial aspects of the business and was accompanied by a financial model in Excel.

    • d. Financial Modeling and Projections: We help startups with extensive financial models that aid the management decision making process. We offer the following financial modeling services: 
      • Financial Modeling to track business performance and project evaluation
      • Preparation of cash flow models, income statements and balance sheet projections
      • Financial analysis like Peer Comparison, Ratio Analysis, Break-Even Analysis, NPV and IRR analysis

Client: Startup in the passenger transportation vertical in Switzerland

Case Study: Prepared Financial Model to track business performance
Output Delivered: Created an automated financial model with properly identified drivers and assumptions. The model captured the various aspect of the business in granular details including the revenue, utilization, expenses: parking fees, driver salary, depreciation and leasing cost etc.

    • e. Valuation of the startup is the most critical puzzle to solve before fund raising. The start-up should know how much to offer and at valuation, not to forget they should have logical justification for the valuation being sought in front the Experts – The Angel Investors/ VCs. We help our clients with valuation of their business at various stages of operations: pre-revenue, Start-ups with paying customers but loss-making and profitable startups. We also provide Consultancy to start-ups on steps to be taken to improve their valuation. We use a combination of following methodologies to value a startup:
      • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation (DCF)
      • Multiples Based Valuation (P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA, P/S, P/Sector KPIs)
      • Recent Transaction Multiple Based Valuation

Client: Startup in the Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) vertical in UAE

Case Study: Carried out Startup valuation exercise before fund raising round and guided on the logical valuation to be presented to investors
Output Delivered: Created detailed financial forecasts of the start-up using historic data, recent trends and management discussion. Used the financial forecasts, and applied a blended valuation methodology to value the startup.
Testimonial: “Trustworthy with high Commitment! I used RRB Advisors’ services mainly for our company’s valuation, got that work done with detailed information. In addition, they were pretty flexible to take this forward and discuss with all stakeholders”
Ala Batayneh – Chief Revenue Officer, Shortpoint

    • f. Investor Memorandum: An Investor Memorandum is the legal document used to raise funds from private investors and serves to protect both the investor and the company. The Investor Memorandum contains details on the company, the terms of the investment, requirements of the investor, and proper disclaimers and disclosures related to the business and the securities offered.
    • g. Fundraising services: As part of our fund raising services, we source the list of investors to be approached, evaluate their profile and suitability with the start-ups sector and funds requirements, and approach the investors on behalf of the start-up. We also provide consultancy on term sheets and equity structuring.
    • h. Startup Documents and Compliance: Our legal expert customizes and creates various documents needed by start-ups during the course of business. We can customize from the basic NDA agreement, Employee contract to the complex Term sheets and Investor memorandums.